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Jennifer Fisher and Clint Crosier

Meet the 2021 Premier Sales Leaders, Episode 2

Webinar, December 1

Jennifer Fisher and Clint Crosier

The Institute for Excellence in Sales is honored to recognize some of the industry’s top sales leaders as part of its new Premier Sales Leader designation.

These leaders represent some of the top companies that are committed to the sales profession and have distinguished careers in sales leadership.

Learn more about their leadership profiles and viewpoint on this special Sales Game Changers LIVE virtual learning session.


Jennifer Fisher is the consummate premier sales leader. She works for WorldStrides, an international travel company based in Charlottesville, where she leads the higher education sales division. Jennifer and her team work with study abroad offices at colleges and universities nationwide to develop meaningful study abroad programs for students.

Jennifer was excelling in her position at WorldStrides when COVID-19 hit: borders closed, study abroad programs shut down, and businesses around the world went into crisis mode. In the midst of a global pandemic, Jennifer and her team succeeded in making March, April, and May 2020 their best sales months on record. What’s more, they had FUN doing it!


Clint brings a deep understanding of space operations from his 33 years of experience in the US Air Force/Space Force to lead AWS’s new Aerospace and Satellite business.

While exceptionally impressive, Clint’s experience does not naturally lend itself to sales leadership. Upon his retirement, Clint dived in to understand how best to integrate solutions to meet customer requirements, hired a team of experts to deliver for customers, and mastered the sales process.

Clint’s team has driven adoption in some of the industry’s most innovative customers including Boom Supersonic, reinventing supersonic travel, and Capella Space, rapidly scaling data transfer of satellite imagery to vastly improve decision-making for companies on earth.