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Barry Leffew and Matt Freix

SALES GAME CHANGERS LIVE: Meet the 2021 Premier Sales Leaders, Episode 1

Webinar, November 17

Barry Leffew and Matt Freix
The Institute for Excellence in Sales is honored to recognize some of the industry’s top sales leaders as part of its new Premier Sales Leader designation.
These leaders represent some of the top companies that are committed to the sales profession and have distinguished careers in sales leadership. Learn more about their leadership profiles and viewpoint on this special Sales Game Changers LIVE virtual learning session.
Barry Leffew exemplifies leadership, sales excellence and consummate professionalism. He has a high level of business acumen and technology expertise that make him a well-rounded sales leader. Barry is full of innovative ideas as well as listening and implementing ideas that his employees bring to him. Barry is inspiring to all and brings positivity and openness to all meetings, to the organization. Most important of all, he works hard for us and cares deeply for his team.
Matt is a premier sales leader for the following 3 reasons: One, he leads with integrity. He has personally challenged himself and others on the team to question their implicit biases, value diversity and create a more inclusive work environment. Two, using an analytical approach, he is able to take complex concepts and break them down into tactical actions the sales team can take to become more effective (i.e. task management, time spend on phone, price increases, etc.). Third, in sales we value getting things done above all else (sometimes to a fault) but if you want something done, you give it to Matt Freix!!