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Tommy Schaff

SALES GAME CHANGERS: Winning Your Sales Championship the Five Tool Sales School Way

Webinar, November 3

Bradley Van Kleeck

Selling from the Sandlot to the Boardroom
Everything I know about Sales I learned watching Baseball: How to see more ideal prospects, close bigger deals, in half the time

Business owners, self employed consultants and salespeople will care about this presentation IF they are:

1. Frustrated that they can’t get in front of enough of the right people
2. Concerned their deal size is too small and they can’t get their arms around why or
3. Sick and tired that times to close are getting much too long and involve too much discounting

By attending, you’ll learn:
1. Presenting too early is “Premature Ejubilation”
2. Don’t be a problem solver, be a problem finder. The key skills of sales are getting clear who you serve and finding their problem and its price tag.
3. The easiest way to differentiate is to put the person back in salesPERSON by being yourself

It’s been said if you steal one person’s ideas, you’re a plagiarist and if you take 100 people’s ideas, you’re a researcher. Our guest today, Tommy Schaff is a researcher. With 38 bookcases full of 6,000 books in his house, Tommy has consumed ideas about selling for almost 40 years. Along the way, he has studied with the great masters, Robert Cialdini, Paul Meyer, David Sandler, Tom Searcy, Edward DeBono, John Wooden, Chet Holmes, and Tony Robbins, even following him as the speaker on three continents. Raised in ND, Tommy has consulted in 47 states, 18 countries and four continents. His passions are selling large deals, selecting great teammates with assessments and baseball. As a baseball enthusiast, he is an investor in the Field of Dreams baseball site in Dyersville, IA and has his very own baseball museum, featuring what may be the largest baseball bobblehead collection in the world at 6,672.