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Roderick Jefferson

SALES GAME CHANGERS LIVE: Sales Enablement 3.0: The Blueprint to Sales Enablement Excellence

Webinar, April 28

Roderick Jefferson

Sales Enablement 3.0 is both an art and science!

There are no magical silver bullets or single approach that will guarantee that you will be successful!

However, there is a formula — just like any other success process, program, or tool — that requires a combination of practical application and trial-and-error, mixed with a lot of conversations with sales leaders to understand their wants, needs and expectations.

At its core “Sales Enablement 3.0: The Blueprint to Sales Enablement Excellence” is an innovative approach focused on increasing sales productivity through a systematic, personalized, and collaborative approach designed to support buyers that will fuel the conversation economy!

Learn from Roderick Jefferson — the man who literally wrote the book on Sales Enablement 3.0 — as he shares his perspective on how to:

• Align your company’s messaging, positioning and selling motions to your buyer’s journey;
• Communicate and collaborate with sales to focus on building and strengthening cross-functional relationships that will ultimately lead to accelerated speed-to-revenue, increased seller productivity and customers for life and increased revenue;
• Partner with sales enablement to navigate the twists and turns that will ultimately lead to designing, deploying, measuring and iterating a world-class sales enablement organization.