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Shelley Row

Listening Between the Lines with Shelley Row

Webinar, December 10

Shelley Row

Every Thursday, IES Cofounder Fred Diamond brings on a world-class sales mindset expert to help sales professionals take their sales career to the next level.

He’s excited to bring Shelley Row on the show.

Sales require connection with a client. Connection requires communication and that means listening. But, listening is more than information exchange.

To maintain connection through a sales engagement, you must listen between the lines and neuroscience provides clues to more effective listening.

• Learn and apply level 1 and level 2 listening skills.
• Leverage neuroscience for enhanced listening.
• Apply practical techniques to your interactions with prospective clients and others.


Inc. Magazine named Shelley a top 100 leadership speaker. Her work develops a new brand of leader who sees beyond the data. We use neuroscience to assist managers from technical backgrounds to skillfully integrate and leverage knowledge in facts, figures and data with wisdom embedded in feelings and the gut. As a result, they get more done with less stress because they manage personality issues and office politics through insightful decision-making, motivation and teamwork.

Shelley is a transportation engineer and former senior executive who lived the power of this transformation. She has delivered hundreds of programs and is the author of four books including, Think Less Live More: Lessons from a Recovering Over-Thinker.