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Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo

OPTIMAL SALES MINDSET:  Managing the Mindset of High-Performing Sales Professionals

Webinar, November 18

Lisa McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo

Your ability to manage your mindset stays with you through job changes, industry disruption, and product transformation. Join bestselling authors Lisa McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo to explore the research behind breakthrough sales performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to prepare for challenging conversations
  • Tips for quieting fear
  • Mental hacks to step into the most powerful version of yourself


Lisa McLeod is the global expert on purpose-driven business. She is the author of five books, including her bestseller: Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud. Lisa has spent two decades helping leaders increase competitive differentiation and emotional engagement. She developed the Noble Purpose framework after her research revealed that organizations with a purpose bigger than money outperform organizations focused exclusively on metrics and targets.

Lisa is a former Procter & Gamble Sales Leader who founded her own firm, McLeod & More, Inc. in 2001. She helps organizations like LinkedIn, Roche, Volvo, and Dave & Buster’s drive exponential growth by harnessing the power of purpose. Lisa has keynoted in 25 countries and authored over 2,000 articles. She has made appearances on the Today show and the NBC Nightly News, and her firm’s work has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR.

Elizabeth Lotardo is a consultant, researcher, and co-author of Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work that Makes You Proud. As the VP of Services at sales leadership consultancy McLeod & More, Elizabeth leads sales transformation initiatives for clients like G Adventures, Oracle, and Hootsuite. She is a popular LinkedInLearning instructor and her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on NPR.

With an undergraduate degree in advertising from Boston University and a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, Elizabeth has enabled firms to drive employee engagement, competitive differentiation, and ultimately revenue.