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Meredith Bell and Dr. Denny Coates

OPTIMAL SALES MINDSET:  The Elite Sales Team: How to Build One Right Now

Webinar, November 4

Meredith Bell and Dr. Denny Coates

Too often, sales organizations focus on individual efforts, driving salespeople to focus on individual goals. People aren’t encouraged to support each other. On an elite sales team, people communicate openly and effectively to help each other succeed.

Key take-aways:

  • What elite sales teams do differently
  • Key communication skills that create this kind of team
  • How to initiate this transformation and keep it going for the long-term


Dr. Denny Coates and Meredith Bell are co-founders of Performance Support Systems, a global a global software company that provides assessment and development tools for the workplace. Their award-winning software and books guide leaders and team members to make the shift from KNOWING to DOING. The result is permanent improvements in the way people interact with each other at work. Denny and Meredith are the co-authors of two books, Connect with Your Team and Peer Coaching Made Simple. These practical, guides help people improve their communication skills and learn how to serve as an effective peer coach to someone else.