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Mike Lee

OPTIMAL SALES MINDSET: Locked In: The Art of Resilient Performance from NBA’s Elite

Webinar, October 14

Mike Lee

In this high-impact program, Mike shares personal stories, strategies and mindsets he’s learned from times on the court with players like Steph Curry, Joel Embiid and Malcolm Brogdon. All, which directly translate to business performance.

The challenge we all face today, is that our work environments are overwhelming disruptive, rapidly changing, and increasingly fragmented — creating the biggest barrier to success. The constant battleground of our mind for the present moment. Which is the only place we can take action to impact our future. Just like elite performers block out the opposing crowd in packed arena, Mike teaches you how to lock in on the task at hand in the middle of chaos.

The audience will walk away with actionable strategies — from NBA’s Elite — that can be implemented immediately, to unlock the human potential inside of you and deliver world-class performance.

What you’ll learn:
– What separated Kobe Bryant beyond his basketball skills that applies to workplace performance
– The strategy to leverage adversity as a catalyst for business growth
– Breakthrough insights on what drives elite performers you can leverage in your business
– How to minimize distractions in order to place your attention and energy on what you can control

Mike Lee is the founder of MindShift Labs and possesses a tremendous background spending time on the court with elite NBA stars such as MVP Steph Curry and All-Star Joel Embiid. He’s blended this experience — helping players use mindset and focus to shift their performance in an ultra-competitive environment — with mindfulness, to level up business performance and personal leadership.

His engaging, inspiring, and interactive programs at companies like Morgan Stanley, Cisco and IBM have earned rave reviews from bold, driven and future-focused leaders. Drawing on the latest research from neuroscience, sports psychology and personal experience, he’s shared stories and practical exercises to help people find their own inner power and poise to thrive.