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Chris Dorris

Mental Toughness for the Corporate Athlete

Webinar, August 4

Chris Dorris

Make way more money faster and with less effort by strengthening the way you use your mind.

Key Takeaways:

1) Replace complaints with expressions of gratitude

2) Understand what it means to be ALL IN! or infinitely committed

3) How to Identify their Game Face aka Peak Performance Mentality


Chris Dorris is a Mental Toughness Coach. Most people don’t even necessarily understand what that means. The reason for that is that the vast majority of us have had absolutely no formal training on how to strengthen the way that we use our minds.

Chris is a former licensed therapist who shifted into coaching because he fascinated with the prospect of helping people create amazing futures rapidly. He’s travelled the planet studying with several of the world’s greatest thought leaders. He’s coached many top performing sales teams and leaders from multiple Fortune 500 companies and trained the minds of world famous actors, NFL and NHL Coaches, business executives, Super Bowl Champions and billionaires.