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Amy Su

OPTIMAL SALES MINDSET: Playing Your Best Game with Amy Su

Webinar, July 22

Amy Su

As sales professionals, a lot of our time and energy is spent focused on our customers, being responsive, and taking care of the needs of others. The risk is we can end up feeling caught on the hamster wheel of having to keep doing more, doing it all now, and doing it all ourselves.

How do we instead focus on feeding our best selves and ensure that what is most essential and important to us is front and center?

In this interview podcast, best-selling author, Amy Jen Su shares important concepts and tools from her HBR Press book, The Leader You want to Be: Fives Essential Principles for Bringing out Your Best Self

Coming out of the discussion, you will know:
• How to tap into to your best self more frequently and consistently
• How to reinvent, disrupt and prioritize as the game grows
• How to take on more with greater ease and better calibrate the internal barometer for “what’s enough”


Amy Jen Su is an executive coach and author of the HBR Press book, The Leader You Want to Be and co-author of Own the Room. For two decades, she has partnered with investors, CEOs, executives, and rising stars to increase their leadership effectiveness. She is also co-founder and Managing Partner of Paravis Partners where she helps to drive business development and sales for the Firm as well as lead a team of twenty coaches.

Amy’s previous experience includes serving as a management consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton where she advised senior executives of consumer products companies on growth strategies. She was also a strategic planner for the Taco Bell Corp instrumental in helping to launch Taco Bell into non-traditional points of distribution. Amy holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in psychology from Stanford University. In addition, she has certifications and background in integral coaching, yoga, and the Eastern philosophies.