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Implementing the Value Creation Mindset with Jose Palomino

Location: Webinar
July 16


On this week’s Optimal Sales Mindset, we feature Jose Palomino, author of “Value Prop : Create Powerful I3 Value Propositions to Enter and Win New Markets” and expert on everything related to creating, communicating and implementing a value proposition, especially during a challenging time.

On the webcast, we’ll address this from a sales professional’s point of view.

We’ll cover:

1. What is “Value Creation?”
2. What does that mean in the context of a salesperson’s life and mission?
3. How does this tie into the need to develop empathy and other relational skills?
4. How can a sales professional “create value” when they’re not the boss?
5. Can a sales professional slow down a sales process by being too creative?
6. Is there a long-term upside or downside to “value creation?” Does it set an expectation that’s hard to sustain?
7. Who do you need to involve in value creation in your organization?
8. In your experience, do sales managers welcome or discourage this mindset in their teams?
9. What else can a salesperson do to develop a “Value Creation Mindset?”


Jose started Value Prop Interactive over 15 years ago to integrate the art and science of strategic messaging across the marketing and sales disciplines. Jose says, “I love to help people see and articulate their best value – to help them stand out in crowded and competitive markets.”

He is the author of Value Prop and Strategic Propositions. He received his MBA from Villanova University where he is also now a professor in Entrepreneurial Marketing.

He loves underdogs. and fighting the good fight alongside business owners—because that’s who he is too. He’s worked with big companies such as SAP, Novartis, and Salesforce on some big things. But what gets him most excited is taking big ideas and making them powerfully usable for smaller companies looking to grow. “Everything I’ve done at Value Prop has been in pursuit of providing business owners with the methods, expertise, and support they need to succeed.”