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Rewire Your Sales Brain to Be More Valuable to Your Customers with Klyn Elsbury

Location: Webinar
July 9


Klyn Elsbury knows a thing or two about maintaining an optimal mindset during challenging times.

You see, she has endured over 67 hospitalizations in her 32 years due to complications of cystic fibrosis, and leveraged those hospital life lessons into one of the most distinctive brands online today.

Klyn challenges sales leaders to think differently about the most important decisions they’ve made: how to respond to change and master the art of resilience.

Along with the corporate training and keynotes, she runs the blog, Sickly Confidential, dedicated to empowering women with chronic conditions to deepen their relationships and get rid of negative mindset chatter.

Klyn released her book, I Am The Untold Story of Success, in 2016. In 2019, she created Shark School, a 52 module program that teaches marketing and branding strategies for growth.

In addition, she runs a podcast that features inspiring stories of how ordinary people overcame incredible odds. Klyn works with the top tier brands while continuing to connect with her community of over 60,000 followers on a daily basis.

On the Optimal Sales Webcast, she address:

• How to rewire their sales brain by using mental mapping techniques
• 5 steps to peak sales performance and how to implement them immediately
• The “Magic” formula to creating instant rapport with anyone and turn potential buyers into customers that refer you business, in a virtual world!