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How to Clear Up Your Thinking Amidst Uncertainty and Disruption with David Morelli

Location: Webinar
June 18


Our brains get overwhelmed with too many priorities – we can have a max of three for peak performance. COVID and Social Changes/News may be taking up two right now.

Therefore, you have to focus on answering, “What’s the one big thing for you right now?” 

Key points we’ll discuss:

  • Brain losses 10-15 IQ points in amidst fear, uncertainty, disruption, and overwhelm.
  • We become forgetful, irritable, and have difficulty focusing.
  • Peak Performance techniques help recover those critical IQ points – such as:
    • The Key Three technique (Three priorities)
    • Center of the Head
    • “I’m excited vs. I’m afraid”
    • Distraction Minimizer & Breadcrumb Techniques


David Morelli is truly an expert on transformational behavior. David has coached millionaires, billionaires, musicians, movie stars, best-selling authors, and executives all over the world.

He’ll help sales professionals around the globe focus on the right things to ensure their mindset is sound to make a difference right now with their customers and for their companies.

David Morelli is the founder of OrgCoach, an executive coaching & leadership training company. He specializes in guiding executives and teams through crises and uncertain times, and helping them adapt and grow in challenging times.

David is also a professor of leadership, communication, strategy, and entrepreneurship in the Executive MBA program at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. David has served as Executive Director for Executive Education where he designed and delivered leadership programs that achieved higher ratings than MIT Sloan, IBM, and Lockheed Martin, achieving an instructor rating of 4.93/5.00.

In over 20 years of executive coaching and leadership development experience, David has become an expert in a wide range of arenas including neuroscience, crisis management, peak performance, leadership styles, persuasive communication, design thinking, improvisation, storytelling, and more.