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Bring on the Sales Rebellion with Dale Dupree and Donald Kelly

Location: Webinar
May 21


Hey Sales Professional, what are you doing, to get your mindset optimized to prepare for re-openings?

What are you doing to keep your mind sharp, your skills fresh and your sales performance at the highest level possible?

On this week’s Optimal Sales Mindset webcast, we bring two of the sharpest sales thinkers and coaches onto the IES stage.

Sales Rebellion Founder Dale Dupree and The Sales Evangelist Donald Kelly have created powerful communities of sales professionals that are making it happen right now.

They will help you make the shift to where you need to be.


Dale Dupree was once known as The Copier Warrior and is the appointed Leader and Founder of The Sales Rebellion. Has a sales background that dates back to his childhood as he was raised wandering the halls of his father’s business but has been a full-time sales professional for 13+ years. Founded on March 1st of 2019, Dale now provides sales training and development through his firm, The Sales Rebellion, that challenges the status quo. He is audacious with his outreach, intentional in his sales walk, and driven to create a community of sales professionals that cause undeniable curiosity and true impact in their walk with prospects and clients alike by teaching the masses how to choose legendary in their sales career.


Donald Kelly helps new and struggling close more deals. In addition to training sales professionals, Donald is the host of a popular sales podcast called “The Sales Evangelist” with over 2.6 Milion+ all-time downloads. The podcast has received recognition from publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Forbes, INC, and HubSpot. Donald’s mission is to evangelize the method of effective selling and motivate sellers of all levels to DO BIG THINGS!

This special webcast is sponsored by the Institute for Excellence in Sales and The Sales Game Changers Podcast