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Mark J. Silverman

OPTIMAL SALES MINDSET: Qualifying – Your Superpower to Get the Most Out Of Your Time and Effort

Webinar, May 6

Mark J. Silverman

Could you work any harder? Put in more hours? Do you even want to?

The Challenge: You have limited hours in the day and a voracious environment that vies for your attention.

You need to be ruthless with your resources (time and energy).

Mark J. Silverman takes the principles in his bestselling Time/Energy Management book “Only 10s” to help you focus on only high yield activities, helping you get more of the important things done, in less time.

• Qualifying opportunities and activities “in or out” must become your first job.
• Slow down to go farther…faster.
• Learn your time wasters and reduce them


Mark has generated over $90,000,000 in sales for fast- growing tech startups. He’s achieved this by bringing together teams of executives and technical leaders to close complex multimillion-dollar sales.

He’s experienced, first hand, the pressure of the ‘hustle and grind’ culture along with the unique challenges of the “C-Suite.”

This experience, together with his years of training as a coach and facilitator, helps his clients create sustainable and lasting success in all areas of their lives.

Mark is the author of Only 10s 2.0 – Confront Your To-do List, Transform Your Life and the host of the Mastering Midlife Podcast.