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Providing a Roadmap for a MUCH LONGER, Higher Quality of Life with John Asher

Location: Webinar
April 30


As the COVID-19 pandemic has consumed the world, sales professionals are looking for strategies to achieve and maintain the optimal lifestyle to ensure an optimal mindset.

John Asher is one of the world’s top sales trainers, authors and speakers.

He’s also an expert on living a healthier lifestyle and wants to share that with everyone.

He’s been practicing the Asher Longevity lifestyle for over 20 years and shows the energy and drive of a man 30 years younger.

He has developed a system that works and is living proof that it works.

In this exclusive webcast for sales professionals, he’ll share strategies for the following:

  • Access peak states of sales performance by understanding longevity elements
  • Program your mindset for optimum sales and business development success
  • Achieve sales goals that are beyond what you are currently striving for
  • Become an unstoppable sales force of nature and break through barriers that are slowing you down

The Institute for Excellence in Sales is excited to host this new weekly webcast with world-renowned sales mindset experts to help sales professionals transform, succeed and thrive during the most challenging time most of us have ever faced.


John is an experienced international speaker on living a longer, healthy life and key founder of Asher Longevity. John is vibrant and active, traveling to over 50 cities per year delivering sales training and life longevity information in the USA, Canada, and China.

John’s mantra is always “making the complex simple”. He first applied that to sales training growing a highly successful sales training company. Now he has applied it to the principles of living a long and active life. He has taken the mountains of information on supplements, new innovative treatments, and lifestyle habits now all boiled down into a simple system that is constantly updated and refined by the Asher Longevity Institute.