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Shane Read

OPTIMAL SALES MINDSET: 5 Secrets of Persuasion from Great Trial Lawyers that You Can Use in Sales

Webinar, April 29

Shane Read

Every week on the Optimal Sales Mindset webinar, we seek interesting leaders who may have ideas for how sales professionals can think out of the box.

Sometimes it a challenge to do so.

Today’s guest has shifted his career from the court room to the business suite and helps leaders apply the lessons he’s learned in the business environment.

On this webinar, we’ll address:

1. The importance of knowing the needs of your potential customer (lawyers must know the needs of the judge or jury);

2. You must listen to the customer (lawyers often talk too much as do those in sales);

3. Having a bottom-line message about what you are selling and why it will make a difference for the customer (many lawyers never really know what their case is all about);

4. Being trustworthy (an obvious quality you need but is often overlooked).

5. Make the complicated simple so that your customer clearly understands what you are trying to sell (lawyers often fail to do this but the successful ones achieve it).


Shane Read is a Yale graduate and former Assistant United States Attorney in Washington, D.C. He is a nationally recognized expert who helps lawyers and other professionals improve their ability to persuade, motivate and influence. He is the author of award winning and bestselling textbooks, and has an upcoming book, Winning at Persuasion. He has tried over 100 jury trials, is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University’s School of Law.

His unique ability to captivate, educate and motivate people and teach those same skills to others will help any organization immediately improve its persuasion, presentation and influencing skills.