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Location: Webinar
April 9


“Is it possible to turn hard times into business opportunity for you?”

“How can you profit from the economic downturn?”

“Could this crisis be the trigger that transforms your career (in a positive way)?

The net is there are winners and losers in times like this.  How can we seize this moment to create an opportunity for ourselves?

Sales professionals need to have the right mindset to be successful. It’s even more critical during this challenging time.

Under normal circumstances, having the right sales mindset is a key aspect of selling that has helped successful sales representatives advance their sales performance.

During the COVID-19, it’s even more challenging that sales professionals have the right mindset. There is a lot of uncertainty. Customers are going out of business or are at a minimum very stressed. Sales professionals might feel that they are unprepared to be successful in this new world.

Also, for the first time, sales leaders are faced with situations they are unfamiliar with and are trying to cope with this new world as well.

The Institute for Excellence in Sales is excited to host this new weekly webcast with world-renowned sales mindset experts to help sales professionals transform, succeed and thrive during the most challenging time most of us have ever faced.


Mike Schmidtmann has been a sales leader, trainer, and business coach for over 25 years. He excels at the following:

  • Coaching owners and sales managers. Mike helps sales organizations attract and retain top sales talent, win new accounts, increase profit margins, and incorporate optimal sales management practices
  • Facilitating Peer Groups. One is a CEO Peer Group in the telecommunications field. Another peer group is for Sales VPs and Managers. Each of these groups meets three times a year to trade ideas and best practices.
  • Speaking as a subject matter expert. Mike speaks at conferences and vendor events across the USA on sales and management topics, with an emphasis on the elements of peak performance. He is recognized as a Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers Association.
  • Sales and Management Training. Mike conducts classes on sales fundamentals, persuasive sales skills, and new account acquisition.


Diane provides executive and leadership coaching accelerating the performance of her clients to achieve their vision, mission, strategy and business outcomes. She has an extensive background, spanning professional services, information technology, consulting, healthcare, government agencies, non-profits and membership organizations both domestically and internationally. Being a business executive as well as a coach, Diane understands her clients and stands with them to declare greater outcomes and create the structures to achieve them. Diane creates hyper-growth for corporations and for leaders to live an extraordinary life.

Diane works with executives to identify future leaders within their organizations and cultivates their leadership skills. She also partners with leaders to increase diverse team communications and create growth with velocity. Diane is often sought out when the situation is dire and tough decisions need to be made.

Diane has provided coaching services to a range of professionals from high-performing individual contributors to the executive suite for clients such as, GE Healthcare, Cisco, Deloitte, tech startups, small businesses and several national membership organizations.