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Microsoft Government Sales Leader Javier Vasquez on How to Help Clients Execute Their Digital Transformation Strategies

Location: Webinar
September 23, 2PM EST


Javier Vasquez has been helping Microsoft’s Federal customers manage their digital transformation for decades.

And his efforts have paid off significantly in the past 6 months.

Listen to his Sales Game Changers Podcast episode here.

How can YOU, as a top sales professional, help your customer through massive change, like most have encountered over the past 6 months?

Imagine the value you’ll be able to show if you can assist them in this shift.

That’s exactly what longtime Microsoft sales executive Javier Vasquez has been doing for his whole career and he’ll discuss how that’s paid off for his Federal Government customers the past 6 months.

He leads an organization of world-class sales and technology professionals accelerating Digital Transformation initiatives with their Federal Government clients.

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