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Useable Advice on What Sales Professionals Should Do Right Now!

Location: Webinar
July 22, 2PM EST


Let’s get specific about what sales professionals should be doing right now to be successful.

We’ll get specific with Patti Dumas about what’s working now, what’s not, what’s important to customers, sales leader expectations, and how to be successful right now.

Patti will take your questions!

On the webcast, IES Cofounder Fred Diamond interviews the top sales leaders on the planet to give sales professionals advice and ideas on how to engage customers and lead teams as the world emerges from the pandemic.

The webcasts have been attended by thousands of sales professionals across the globe. Diamond’s interviewing skills have been labeled as “unparalleled, “inquisitive,” and “peerless.”

ABOUT PATTI DUMAS, Senior Vice President of Sales, MOSAIC

Patti is a dedicated professional who thrives on engaging with others. She provides a truly unique personalized experience with a variety of clients by partnering with clients to “imagine” new and innovative solutions to meet their goals. She is the Senior Vice President for Sales at MOSAIC, a marketing and communications company in Maryland.

Patti has an extensive background in both marketing and sales. After receiving her MBA in Marketing from George Washington University, she worked at Xerox where she gained sales experience. Patti knew she wanted to advance her skills and branch into other products and markets. That path led her to senior positions in marketing and sales supporting associations, technology, retail, and education clients with their communication needs.

Patti working closely with the MOSAIC Marketing and Creative teams to craft solutions resulting in lasting impacts and long term partnerships. She will share ideas on how MOSAIC is supporting clients in new and thoughtful ways.