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GuruGanesha Khalsa

Mastering Your Inner Game:
Developing the Mindset of Top-Tier Sales Professionals

Marriott Fairview Park (NOTE LOCATION)
October 4

Andrea Grodnitzky

Key Thing You Need to Know about This Program: If you don’t have the right sales mindset, you will fail. Not only will you fail, but you will fail miserably. At this program, you will learn a conscientious and trust-building way to interact with customers that will make your sales process go more smoothly, impactful, and powerfully. You will have a clearer picture of how to provide more value to your customers to ensure that they depend upon you for support, insights, and help. And your career will flourish.

Complexity Level: Low-Medium

Immediate Implementation Opportunity: High. Leave with insights about how a more powerful sales mindset will make you a more productive and effective sales performer.

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About the Program

Having the right mindset for sales success has been a major theme throughout almost every IES program.

We’re very pleased to bring one of the preeminent sales trainers on mindset and Conscious Selling the IES Big Stage on October 4.

Prepare to experience GuruGanesha Khalsa. He’s trained tens of thousands of sales leaders over his hugely successful 40+ year career as an in-demand performance improvement expert.

Here’s what Brian Frank, Vice President, Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn, had to say:

“Ganesh’s teachings had a lasting impact at LinkedIn and are used today by many on our sales teams.  Ganesh’s customer centric approach helped our reps become trusted advisers more quickly, and that resulted in positive experiences for our clients.  His teachings not only improve the ability of professionals to sell, they help create more compassion in the world and make the function of sales better.  I’m honored to endorse Ganesh.  He is a true legend in the world of sales enablement.“

Here’s what we’ll cover on October 4.

The Art of Building Trust – Guiding Principles

  • How to avoid triggering within the buyer the negative stereotype of the typical pushy, obnoxious, self-serving sales pest.
  • Personal Presence’ is the #1 determining factor in sales success. How to ensure that your ‘personal presence’ is working for you, not against you.
  • It is essential that you use a ‘selling system’ that you truly believe is in the best interest of both parties. Thus, everything you do and say throughout the sales process will enhance the rapport and build more and more trust.
  • Honesty is the best policy. The best way to build trust is to be totally trustworthy. For example, if your prospect has a key requirement that your solution does not address, let them know straight up to find out if it’s a deal killer.

Moment of Truth – Leading the Sales Process

Instead of becoming the buyer’s lackey, learn how to be in the leadership position throughout the entire selling cycle in a way that continually enhances rapport and builds more and more trust.

Qualifying the Conscious Way 

Instead of trying to convince the buyer to buy, you will learn how to facilitate a deep heart-to-heart conversation where a unique role- reversal occurs and it becomes the buyer’s responsibility to convince the seller that he/she has compelling reasons to find a better way.

Effectively conducting this interview is the heart and soul of the sales process.

What You’ll Learn at this Program:

  • A client-centered, integrity-based approach to professional selling.
  • Strategies for achieving peak performance through the application of Conscious Selling’s customer-centric, consultative sales methodology
  • The beginning of the development of a personal presence and mindset that builds rapport and trust from the initial point of contact and expands both throughout the customer life cycle.

About GuruGanesha Khalsa

GuruGanesha Khalsa, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Conscious Selling Inc. is considered by many to be the most sought-after sales trainer in the global tech universe.

‘Ganesh’ blends savvy New York street smarts, Eastern metaphysical insight, and mastery of Conscious Selling’s consultative, trust-building sales methodology in an electrifying training style His unique brand of “Sales Edu-tainment” is generously spiced with hilarious, uplifting stories garnered during a colorful 45-year sales, sales management, and sales training career.

Tens of thousands of successful high-tech sales professionals worldwide consider their days spent in training with Ganesh as seminal. His extensive client list is a who’s who of the top tech companies in the world including Salesforce, LinkedIn, Slack, Dropbox, Elastic, BMC, Dell, Oracle, Cisco and Signal Sciences.

In 2017, he and his business partner Frank Garza, rolled out their own global sales training company, Conscious Selling Inc., which is quickly establishing itself as the premier provider of sales training to the worldwide tech community.

Doors open at 7:15am for breakfast and networking. Note the location for this program: Marriott Fairview Park

Program Schedule:
7:15am-8:05: Continental Breakfast and Networking
8:05am-8:15am: Introductions
8:15am-10:00am: Ganesh hits the stage
10:00am-10:15am: Raffle and Photos with Ganesh

Stick around for the Speed Networking that will take place from 10:15am-11am for no additional charge.

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