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Shelly Row. 2018 Program, 060818

Key Thing You Need to Know about This Program: This fast-paced, interactive, thought-provoking and content rich program will provide your sales leaders with valuable insights to instantly improve their decision-making approach and everyday interactions with their customers and prospects.

Complexity Level: Medium

Immediate Implementation Opportunity: High

This interactive, thought provoking and content rich workshop provides sales staff with valuable insights to instantly improve decision-making and everyday interactions with colleagues, staff and customers.

Shelley Row, a subject matter expert and former CEO-level government and association executive, interviewed more than six dozen acclaimed executives on their decision-making skills using intuition. She integrated those results with neuroscience.

Now, sales professionals can apply these discoveries to enhance their skills and receive proven tips and tools to improve decisions that impact sales and customer relationships.

This practical program is relevant to sales professionals who face complex situations in a disruptive, chaotic and complex world because,…you know that data alone isn’t enough. To be successful in sales, you need a sophisticated approach that skillfully balances hardline analytics and gut feel or, stated differently, integrates information and intuition for astute action. This powerful combination is infotuition®.

This program is critical for anyone who wants to improve their sales performance.

Doors open at 7:15am for breakfast and networking. Note the location for this program: The Westwood Country Club!

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Join Shelley and over 100+ sales leaders as she shows you ways to build a stronger, more empowering mindset that will make you unbeatable as a sales professional.

What You Will Learn by Attending This Session:

  • How to limit and stop over-thinking by resolving the forces that freeze decision-making.
  • Discover proven techniques to slow a quick reaction before you respond and regret it.
  • Enable “aha!” moments when you need them the most.
  • Strategies for becoming a more effective sales leader

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Shelley Row works with forward-thinking sales professionals and leaders who must make fast, insightful decisions in the face of uncertainty and rapid change. Shelley’s original research revealed the secret to effective decision-making in sales: Use information and intuition. That research is validated through neuroscience.

But Shelley’s work is grounded in more than just her research. Her life experiences taught her to think, feel, and act…and it made all the difference.

Here’s how Shelley tells it:

“I have been an over-thinker all my life…and, I might add, an accomplished one. My dad, an air force pilot taught me the value of thinking. That skill came in handy as I obtained degrees in civil engineering, architecture and an MBA.

I started as a transportation engineer in 1984 when women engineers were few. While working in several states including Georgia (for the 1996 Olympics), I learned to excel in a man’s world. But, I could tell the executives had something I didn’t. What was it?

Finally, I realized it was the power of feelings—the nudge of intuition. It dawned on me…You can’t think your way to the top.

Sales professionals used both intellect and intuition. They think, feel, and then, act. When I learned to do the same, I transformed:

  • From a woman engineer to a woman executive
  • From a goal setter to goal achiever
  • From an over-thinker to a decision-maker
  • From having a dream to living my dream