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Sales and Marketing Expert Kim Dean

Modern Consultative Selling Skills:
Strategies for Growing New Customer Acquisition

Westwood Country Club (NOTE LOCATION)
July 12

Andrea Grodnitzky

Key Thing You Need to Know about This Program: The business-to-business sales process is complex. In some cases, you may need to influence over a half-dozen people in order to acquire a new customer. The modern sales process is challenging, time-consuming and fraught with obstacles you need to overcome. In this highly-interactive session, trainer extraordinaire Kim Dean will guide you through a modern process to accelerate your selling process to new and existing customers.

Complexity Level: Medium

Immediate Implementation Opportunity: High. Participants will leave the program with techniques they can implement today to show more value to their prospects.

To be truly effective and differentiated in the eyes of today’s buyers, salespeople need to create value in the buying experience itself. That means helping customers to better understand the true nature of a business issue and how best to address it.

More than ever, sales professionals must demonstrate credibility, foster trust and openness through authenticity, offer ideas that shape thinking and help surface unrecognized needs and connect the dots to create value.

In this session, Modern Consultative Selling Skills,  we will focus on the critical structure of a sales conversation and the skills required to lead a successful, buyer-focused dialogue that opens more doors, helps you better understand customer needs, more persuasively articulate value, and close more deals.


  • Ways to engage with your customers to help accelerate the sales process
  • How to make storytelling an important part of your sales process
  • Questioning strategies to learn more about your customers and prospects
  • How to uncover richer opportunities that may not be apparent

In this program, you will learn practical, effective, and immediately applicable skills that you can use in your very next sales call or meeting. These skills will help you shorten the sales cycle, build relationships of trust with clients and prospects, and win more business for your organization.

Doors open at 7:15am for breakfast and networking. Note the location for this program: Westwood Country Club!

Program Schedule:
7:15am-8:05: Continental Breakfast and Networking
8:05am-8:15am: Introductions
8:15am-10:00am: Kim hits the stage
10:00am-10:15am: Raffle and Photos with Kim
10:15am-10:45am: Networking (Optional)

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Kim Dean is one of Richardson’s most-highly sought after trainers. She utilizes the insights and strategies she gained from her career in sales and sales management to establish credibility and help sales teams address the relevant business issues their customers are facing. As a Senior Training Consultant with Richardson, Kim integrates her real-life experiences into the facilitation of her interactive workshops to validate the learning and challenge participants to improve their skills so that they can strengthen customer relationships and grow revenue.

“My goal is to help clients focus on the sales behaviors that will allow them to move their relationships from product providers to strategic partners.”

Kim has led several successful engagements with Richardson. She was the Lead Trainer on a large, enterprise-wide sales program for a large manufacturing company. The program was designed to institutionalize a more customer-centric-selling approach. Kim was viewed by the client as a trusted advisor who was called upon to not only deliver the majority of the workshops for sales employees, but also for employees from various audiences throughout the organization, including management and marketing and channel partners.

Kim has also worked with several businesses in the financial services sector in their efforts to change their paradigms, shifting from an internal focus to looking outwardly. To achieve this, Kim trained sales professionals to use value-added dialogue skills to discover their clients’ business issues. She then consulted with sales professionals to align their capabilities and strategize the best course of action.

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