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Alex Goldfayn

CREATIVITY IN SALES: Pick Up The Phone & Sell: How Proactive Calls To Customers & Prospects Can Double Your Sales

Webinar, November 19

Alex Goldfayn

In the selling profession, only the phone is universally understood to be the key to success and, at the same time, so widely avoided. Many salespeople even dread it. That’s why I wrote Pick Up The Phone And Sell—to arm you with a quick and simple guide for attaining significant sales growth by proactively calling your customers and prospects.

Get good at using the phone, and you will be in rare air in the sales profession. Because the great majority of salespeople are not very good at using the phone. I’d say 90% of salespeople are reactive. We’re very good at answering the phone and solving problems. But not many of us regularly pick up the phone to call customers and prospects proactively, when nothing is wrong.

And yet:

  • This is where relationships are built
  • This is where trust is formed
  • This is where you get to help your customers more, and expand your business with them
  • This is where the money is made

Key Takeaways:

  • How to double your sales with the phone.
  • How to leave voice mails so you hear back from customers and prospect two out of every three attempts.
  • Who should salespeople call?


Alex is the CEO of The Revenue Growth Consultancy, a thriving solo firm that helps clients grow their sales by 15 to 30% annually.

He is a three-time Wall Street Journal bestselling author. His three most recent books are WSJ bestsellers: Pick Up The Phone & Sell (published by Wiley in September, 2021); 5-Minute Selling (Wiley, August 2020) and Selling Boldly (Wiley 2018). His 2015 book, The Revenue Growth Habit was honored as the sales book of the year by 800-CEO-Read, and Evangelist Marketing was published in 2012 by BenBella Books. Alex creates predictable and dramatic growth manufacturers and distributors in industries like plumbing, HVAC, lumber, steel, cartons, and chemicals. He also works with service organizations like engineering, financial, and insurance firms. His clients operate in mature industries, and their sales are typically flat when they start working with Alex.