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Wayne Moloney

CREATIVITY IN SALES:  Why We Need to Redefine the B2B Sales Conversation

Webinar, November 12

Wayne Moloney
B2B sales has changed more in the last decade than the last century.
Buyers no longer need salespeople to educate them about their products.
There are more individuals involved in the buying decision then ever before.
Buyers still need salespeople who are trusted advisors to help them make sense of the tsunami of information they have available and to guide them to the solution they genuinely need, not the solution they think they want And to achieve this, salespeople must understand how to understand the personalities of multiple decision-makers, navigate the politics and bring them together to gain consensus.
Key Takeaways:
  • Understand why it is more critical than ever to disrupt the thinking of prospects and challenge the status quo
  • Learn of the six buyer archetypes you will encounter in complex B2B sales
  • Why sales is no longer a linear process


Wayne Moloney is an Australian business growth specialist and co-author of the new book The Wentworth Prospect: A Novel Guide to Success in B2B Sales. Wayne has a global background with over four decades in roles from salesperson to Managing Director. He has helped a diverse range of businesses in Australia, Asia and Europe to achieve their revenue and profit goals.

Since leaving his corporate career, Wayne has spent over 15 years helping B2B organizations tackle their business growth challenges through the application of sound sales and business strategies, developing salespeople and applying LEAN principles for sustainable sales success. He was also the co-founder of Sales Leader Forums, a foundation member of Sales Masterminds APAC and author of 2 other books on B2B sales foundations and Sales Management.