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Converting Connections to Conversations on LinkedIn with Brynne Tillman

Location: Webinar
November 6


The Institute for Excellence in Sales conducts daily webinars for sales professionals around the globe.

Social selling expert Brynne Tillman has quickly become one of IES cofounder Fred Diamond’s go-to-guests on the Sales Game Changers webcasts and podcasts.

On this show, she’ll discuss new and innovative ways sales professionals should be using LinkedIn to get connections with the right people: PROSPECTS AND REFERRAL PARTNERS!

If we aren’t getting conversations, we aren’t writing new business.

We know that LinkedIn is a key player in sales, especially at the top of the pipeline, yet, we are stuck in the hamster wheel of random acts of social, and very few opportunities come from our activities.

And, that is because we aren’t doing the right activities that will get your targeted audience to raise their hand and say… “me, me, talk to me”!

In this webinar, Brynne Tillman, CEO of Social Sales Link will share:

1. The fundamental value philosophy that will get hands raised
2. How to position your profile from a resume to a resource
3. Taking Inventory of your connections
4. Outreach activity
5. Proven conversation starters
6. Building your reputation as the subject matter expert that they are excited to engage