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Alice Heiman’s Smart, Fresh and Innovative Ways to Get Your Buyer’s Attention

Location: Webinar
October 30


The Institute for Excellence in Sales conducts daily webinars for sales professionals around the globe

Sales expert Alice Heiman has quickly become one of IES cofounder Fred Diamond’s go-to-guests on the Sales Game Changers webcasts and podcasts.

On this show, she’ll discuss new and innovative ways sales professionals can be creative at a time when sales leadership is screaming for creativity.

She’ll discuss creative ways to get your buyers attention such as the videos Ryan Scalera makes, how to use tools like Sendoso and Alyce to send gifts, Video email, mail, and how persistent you need to be creatively using many different mediums in a short burst.

Please don’t miss this featured session.


Informative, compelling, experienced and smart! Alice Heiman motivates her audience and makes a profound difference in the way they approach business networking and sales generation.

A nationally recognized sales expert, she has a proven record of leading and inspiring corporate sales teams and start-ups alike. Sales rep or business owner, her sales training will get them selling comfortably and successfully.

Alice developed her sales expertise while at Miller Heiman, Inc. before striking out on her own, establishing Alice Heiman, LLC in 1997.

In her years at Miller Heiman she sold to and trained some of the company’s largest and most complex accounts including: Coca Cola, Dow Chemical, Merck and Hewlett Packard.

These days she spends a good deal of her time mentoring small businesses and providing online sales training to business owners through her Sales Success Groups.