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Mark Hunter’s Why You Need a Mind for Sales Now More Than Ever

Location: Webinar
October 23


The Institute for Excellence in Sales conducts daily webinars for sales professionals around the globe

IES fan favorite Mark “The Sales” Hunter makes a triumphant return to the IES virtual stage.

2020 Is showing us the importance of “emotional communication” and why we have to be transparent if we want to be seen as relevant to our customers.

We’ll discuss how to be step up our game with prospects and customers to ensure they don’t ghost us.

Learn how to increase your CFT “Customer Facing Time” by making a few simple changes to your day.

You’ll gain insights on how to motivate yourself and the importance of Monday,


Mark Hunter is a globally sought after keynote speaker and consultant on sales leadership and author of three best-selling books: A Mind for Sales, High-Profit Selling, and High-Profit Prospecting.

He helps companies find and retain high quality prospects, close more sales, and profitably build more long-term relationships.

Mark’s work is his firm commitment to show others that by targeting better prospects, it is possible to close more deals at a higher price…even during a pandemic.