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Leslie Brown

CREATIVITY IN SALES ENCORE: Little Known Conditions Silently Sabotaging Your Mindset with Leslie Brown

Webinar, September 2

Leslie Brown

After an event where I spoke about Cold Calling Top-Dog decision-makers, I was shocked by the long line of sales professionals asking questions NOT about scheduling executive-level sales calls, but ABOUT how to build energy and reduce stress.

They asked, “What’s wrong with me? Is a foggy brain, low energy, having a hard time coming up with snappy objection-overturns all a part of living life? Is there no hope for me?”

Yes, there is hope.

By attending you’ll learn:
1. Discover the thoughts that give you place and position–even on the executive-level playing field
2. See how emotions can serve you well–even in the midst of meeting rapid-fire objections with solid overturns
3. Learn about 2 hidden conditions that are silently sabotaging your mindset, and what you can do about them

I’d hit a wall in selling and needed to start all over again. After a several month hiatus, a friend said, while you’re figuring things out, come join me in this Staffing Services temp job. I was tasked with getting sales professionals appointments with executive-level decision-makers. Instead of waiting months/years for low-level contacts to introduce the sellers to “top dogs,” they were in front of THE decision-makers within weeks, sometimes days.

Franchise owners invited me to teach their people to do the same thing. Afterwards they wanted my books and products. All I had was me and my suitcase, so I wrote “Secrets to Scheduling the Executive-Level Sales Call” produced “Ultimate Cold Calling Intelligence,” a CD set of affirmations, thoughts for success, and frequencies to support the brain’s ability to process these thoughts. And then the wall reappeared.

My energy was gone, truly gone. Thankfully, I found a way to get it back. Now, I help other sales professionals do the same with my proprietary Mineral Balancing Method which supports your natural ability to get more energy, focus, and sleep–without chelation therapy, drugs and infusions.