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Best Practices for Remote Sales Management to Recover Revenue and Accelerate Growth

Location: Webinar
July 17


Remote work has become the new normal for all types of sellers.

In order to survive (and thrive), organizations have been forced to enable their sales teams to be successful when in-person interactions are no longer an option.

As business starts to reopen, are there lessons we’ve learned from this experience to help us emerge stronger?

This session discusses what Winning by Design clients have learned about sales productivity during the pandemic and how they have been successfully leveraging best practices of remote selling and management to recover revenue and accelerate their path towards growth.


How to leverage technology to accomplish the following objectives when face to face meetings aren’t an option:

• Lead generation
• Demos
• Stakeholder meetings
• Proposal review
• References

Overall best practices from companies who have implemented this in the past few months with its business impact and data.


Victor is a B2B sales leader with a passion for helping salespeople reach their highest potential. He began his career as an attorney, where he developed his communication and presentation skills, then leveraged these abilities in his first sales role in financial services, where he was recognized as one of the top young producers in the company. Subsequently, Victor joined the entrepreneurial world, serving in various roles from Co-founder to VP of Business Development.

In the last 5 years, he’s worked as a sales consultant and trainer to various B2B startups. Victor is currently a Partner & Sales Architect at Winning by Design, and is a graduate of Duke University and The George Washington University Law School.