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Sales Leadership During Times of Uncertainty with “Selling is an Away Game” Author Lance Tyson

Location: Webinar
May 22


Every Friday at 11am EST, the Institute for Excellence in Sales presents a world-class sales leader. This week it’s “Selling is an Away Game” author Lance Tyson.

In the original version of the Magnificent Seven, Yul Brenner and Steve McQueen spend the opening scenes recruiting men to, “shoo some flies away from a little village.”

In one scene, they come across Robert Vaughn who is on the run and now looking for work.

When Vaughn agrees to join the team, Brenner holds up seven fingers indicating that they now have seven men on the team.

McQueen, however, waves his hand as if to say, “hold on.” He has reservations about Vaughn.

That’s when Brenner says, “No. No. He’s a good gun. And where we’re going is no church social.”

Our current business environment is also no church social.

Let me ask you, do you have the right people in the right roles to address these challenging times?

Do you have a way to identify and recruit those “good guns” on your team to pull your group through the rough patches?

What Lance Will Discuss:

  • Recognize 6 strategies to get the right sales talent
  • Answer 3 key questions to define your sales talent strategy
  • Analyze your product life cycle
  • Align your sales approach with how your market buys
  • Determine if you sales roles align with your sales approach


The authority on succeeding in sales, Lance Tyson is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others to help them achieve sales success in today’s erratic, ever-changing marketplace. He has lead countless workshops, trainings, and keynote presentations for audiences of all sizes. With decades of experience in his field, Lance can present on any topic in the realm of sales and leadership.

This program is sponsored by the Institute for Excellence in Sales and the Sales Game Changers Podcast.