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Jonathan Farrington

CREATIVITY IN SALES: What Will the New Post-Covid Sales Landscape Look Like?

Webinar, May 21

Jonathan Farrington

What will sales look like moving forward?

Jonathan Farrington, CEO of JF Initiatives and Director of Research at SRC (Sandler Research Center) shares his vision.

Here are just some of the questions most frontline sales professionals and sales leaders are asking themselves right now:

• Will the buyer-seller relationship return to what it was pre-COVID?
• How have buyers changed in the way they wish to conduct business?
• Have traditional sales skills been consigned to the annals of history?
• What new skills must be embraced in order to succeed in the new “brave sales world”
• Is there still a place for face-face selling?
• Will inside sales positions increase in order to replace outside salespeople?

Jonathan is a sales futurist and he will not only reveal his considered views but also the very latest research from SRC.