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Tonya Bjurstrom

CREATIVITY IN SALES: Connect to the Voice of Your Customer as a Path to Growth.

Webinar, May 14

Tonya Bjurstrom

This webcast is sponsored by Cox Media.

Frequent attendees of IES Sales Game Changers webinars know that active listening comes up all the time as a sales technique the elite sales professional needs to master.

When you believe you know the answer, you fail to ask the right question.

Forget what you think you know.

Get curious and hear Tonya Bjurstrom from Dirby discuss how asking your customers the right questions, in the right way, will build a new path to growth.

In this Creativity in Sales conversation, we’ll investigate:

• What insight would make your business better?
• How to tap into the abundance of insight and opportunity in your existing customer base.
• Why improving the Customer Experience must always be in the mix.


As the Founder of Dirby, Tonya connects B2B to the Voice of their Customers (VOC).

She asks the right questions, in the right way, to uncover the insight needed to improve the customer experience and improve customer satisfaction.

To increase customer retention and increase revenue.

To be more effective in marketing, sales, product development, delivery and support. Tonya has built Dirby’s VOC programs on high touch, 1:1 customer interviews that create easy, candid conversations.

Customers feel valued, their insight worthy of more than a survey.