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Gil Cargill

CREATIVITY IN SALES: Elevate Your Sales Performance with Six Sigma Selling

Webinar, May 7

Gil Cargill

This show is sponsored by Cox Business.

In this exclusive presentation for sales professionals, you’ll learn how to apply the proven processes of manufacturing to your sales team.

You’ll see how there are five critical metrics which, when managed properly, combine to increase your top line by 36%.

Each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of Gil Cargill’s sales manager’s toolkit, which includes pre-done forms, templates and other documents to facilitate easy implementation of these power-packed ideas.


After concluding a spectacular sales and management career at IBM, in which he led his sales team from a dead-last rating among 220 branch offices to first place in less than a year, Gil Cargill launched his own consulting practice in 1978. Cargill Consulting Group, Inc. was built on the same strategies that produced Cargill’s outstanding sales results at IBM.

Gil has spent the past 47 years as a consultant, speaker, and trainer helping thousands of businesses achieve dramatic and permanent improvements in sales productivity. Cargill has taught salespeople across diverse industries the importance of developing sales processes, the advantages of implementing new technology, and the benefits of tracking sales performance.

Cargill is a frequent speaker at national conventions and meetings of Vistage Interna-tional, formerly The Executive Committee (TEC), and has been consultant to such organizations as Toshiba, ComputerLand, Micro Age, Apple Computers, Borg Warner Weyerhaeuser, and many thousands of growing small-to-medium businesses.