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Steve Bistritz

CREATIVITY IN SALES: 5 Keys to Selling to the C-Suite

Webinar, April 30

Steve Bistritz

This session will discuss the biggest challenges salespeople have in selling to C-Suite executives and how to mitigate those challenges.

We’ll explore how to identify, approach and ultimately, align with the relevant executive in the client organization in order to win those critical key deals.

We’ll also discuss what senior executives told us about their relationships with professional salespeople, including how those salespeople should work with them to become perceived as trusted advisors.

Key learnings include how to:

• Best position yourself on LinkedIn to get the attention of senior executives
• Expand relationships with executives, without jeopardizing lower-level relationships
• Establish trust and credibility with executives, so as to get continued access


Dr. Steve Bistritz has more than 40 years of high-tech sales and sales training experience. He is a published author and lecturer in the field of sales, sales management and selling to executives. Steve’s sales training workshops have been delivered to tens of thousands of salespeople worldwide.

He co-authored the 2nd edition of the best-selling sales book, Selling to the C- Suite, published by McGraw-Hill.

Steve holds a doctorate in human resource development from Vanderbilt University and is currently president of his own sales training and consulting firm, based in Atlanta. Visit his website at www.sellxl.com