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Mark “The Sales” Hunter Presents Daily Habits
and Practical Strategies to Succeed During COVID-19

Location: Webinar
April 17


The Institute for Excellence in Sales is pleased to bring Mark “The Sales” Hunter back to our virtual stage.

Mark is one of the sales industry’s top thinkers and authors on new sales prospecting an optimal performance.

Many companies are looking to him for guidance during COVID-19.

This presentation is based on Mark’s newest book, “A Mind for Sales: Daily Habits and Practical Strategies for Sales Success” with specific application during this challenging time for sales professionals.

You are your best asset and you too can achieve a higher degree of success in sales regardless of where you are at today.

Attendee Outcomes:

  • Knowing the true meaning of selling with integrity and to make this work for you during the pandemic
  • Knowing the role your mind plays in how you see opportunities and bring value to your customers during this challenging time
  • Understanding not all customers are alike and how to focus on the ones that need your help right now
  • Eliminating the time wasters that are keeping you from being as effective as you can be


Mark Hunter, known as, “The Sales Hunter,” is globally recognized for his expertise in sales leadership.

He specializes in business development and guiding organizations to find and retain high-quality prospects without discounting their fee.

His ability to inspire sales teams to create self-motivating and integrity driven cultures, makes Mark Hunter a highly sought-after keynote speaker, consultant and coach.

Mark has taken his vision for sales leadership to more than 25 countries and 5 continents where he leads and consults with companies ranging from small startups to global giants.

He makes his home in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife Ann Marie, whose support he treasures. He spends his spare time visiting his grandchildren and is never too busy for daily calls with his children across the country.

This webinar is sponsored by the Institute for Excellence in Sales and the Sales Game Changers Podcast