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Will Fuentes and Andres Peters

Is Your Onboarding Experience “Oh-Boring?”

Webinar, January 14

Will Fuentes and Andres Peters

Did you know that in 2017 a Gallup study found that only 12% of new hires say their company did a good job of onboarding? Did you also know that according to Harvard Business Review, 33% of new hires look for a new job within their first six months?

The Great Resignation has made it such that companies are now in a constant churn, hiring and onboarding new talent. Learn strategies on what you can do to hook your new hires early on, give them a great experience, and set them up for success.

By attending, you’ll learn:

  • Tangible actions you can take to enhance the onboarding experience of your new hires
  • How to avoid overwhelming them
  • How to help them succeed early on.


Will is a co-founder of Maestro Group. He empowers sales teams to maximize their potential. Will focuses on teaching both hard and soft sales skills and identifies opportunities to improve sales efficiencies. His background and perspective guide his training principles, and he is motivated to help individuals and organizations sell more, faster.


Andrés is Maestro Group’s Chief Learning Officer and Director of Delivery. As a human-centered design enthusiast, Andrés believes that the learner is at the heart of any great training experience. The two words that resonate most with Andrés are curiosity and innovation.