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IES DE&I Seminar

Why DEI is Critical to Sales Organizational Success

Virtual, November 3

It's starting to get cold, leaves are falling, but the IES is hotter than ever. Join us for the first of two fall/winter virtual festival learning sessions featuring some of the top sales experts on the planet.

The November DE&I Seminar is on Thursday, November 3 and features two amazing speakers who have graced the IES stage in the past, as well as the Co-Founder and Director of the IES Women in Sales Leadership Forum, Gina Stracuzzi. You can attend one or either of the sessions, at your convenience!

(9:30am-10am) Gina's introduction

(10am-10:50am) How To Sell It Like A Mango: 5 Ways Top Sellers Are Differentiating Themselves & Landing More Appointments

The secret to success is to stand out. B2B, prospects are bombarded by messages from sellers now more than ever. From LinkedIn, emails, to phone calls. In addition, sales professionals must compete with countless other competitors trying to connect with the same target audiences. IES's most popular speaker, Donald C. Kelly is back to offer tactical tips for doing just that, from differentiating your value proposition and breaking through inbox clutter, to building your personal brand online and offline - and more.

You'll learn:

  1. What is working it comes to getting emails responded to
  2. How to use LinkedIn to stand out...from the type of connection request messages to the latest strategies top-performing sellers are using
  3. How to land more appointments via the phone
  4. The best tools to add to your tech stack to give you the upper hand

About Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist

Donald’s mission is to evangelize the method of effective selling and motivate sellers of all levels to DO BIG THINGS! As a former top-performing technology sales professional, who has successfully sold in both the public and private sectors, Donald was able to crack the code of helping teams thrive in b2b sales. He is also the author of “Sell It Like A Mango - A New Sellers Guide To Closing More Deals”. Donald has designed his training around concrete fundamental principles adaptable by any seller. He has helped sellers from companies all over the world build confidence in their selling abilities and increase revenue as a result.

(11am-11:50am) "25 Ways to Be More Confident and Grow Your Sales"

Your Life Is Too Valuable To Settle For A Smaller Life. Build A Life Full Of Happiness & sales success.

You have friends right now that could be happier, more successful, but for some reason, they are living smaller lives. They tell you about their dreams but fail to make them a reality. Every year they vow that this is their year. But like always, it comes and goes with little progress.

If they know what they want and have the capacity to make it happen, then there has to be a mental block that stops them from building a more happier and successful life.

Join this session with mindset expert Umar Hameed and you'll learn how becoming happier can lead to more sales.

Umar will discuss.

  • How to tap into your mindset you become more powerful in every area of your life
  • Uncover your purpose so you can build a life full of passion and fulfillment
  • Discover who you truly deeply are so you have a solid foundation to build a fantastic life upon
  • Learn how to let go of negative past events, so nothing holds you back from build the life of your dreams success
  • Learn how to program your mindset for success so you become bolder in life
  • Let go of complacency so you can dream bigger dreams and make them a reality
  • Become fearless so you can accomplish anything you set your mind on
  • Transform anxiety into happiness so you can enjoy your life more fully
  • Love who you are, so your can love the people you care about completely
  • Unleash the full power of your mindset by learning Applied Neuroscience
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin, so you always have peace of mind
  • Become an unstoppable force of nature by aligning your thoughts and actions