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“Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are in business. Yes, and that is also true if you are a housewife, architect or engineer,” Dale Carnegie.

People are complex. What works well for your approach, word choices, and pace in one sales conversation may implode in another.

Selling and working with people the way you like to operate, or are comfortable with, can kill your sale. What matters is how that buyer or client wants their information, the type of relationship important to them, and very importantly, how quickly they are ready to move forward in the sale.

Your ability to adapt “in the moment” to their working and communication needs will help you build trust more quickly, connect with the person more easily, and move them to decisions faster.

In this session you will learn:

  • How collaboration trumps consultation in sales
  • Why WiifT is so valuable in sales and leadership
  • How to identify the customs and characteristics that make you part of their Tribe
  • Your personal Tribal Type and the key adjustments you need to make to “right size” each conversation…and relationship


Nancy Bleeke, is driven by a battle cry that everything in sales and business is easier when you make your conversations count by focusing on What’s in it for Them. Her award winning book, Conversations That Sell, is a must read for sales teams around the globe. The book equips you to make the most of each conversation in a systematic, yet collaborative and adaptive way.

Nancy is known as someone who gets things done in a practical and systematic way. Her focus since founding Sales Pro Insider, Inc. in 1999 is equipping companies to grow sales, customer loyalties, and employee engagement with training, consisting, assessments, processes, and tools that stick.